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"Sticking our knowledge into your business"

RTO # 45762

What the program does

Regional Industry Education Partnerships (RIEP) connects local industry and secondary school communities.

The partnerships provide opportunities for:

  • sharing values and expectations for building our future workforce
  • helping employers engage with schools
  • supporting students to plan their future career pathways
  • improving students’ career prospects.  

Our Programs

Hospitality (Café) Essentials

• Prepare and serve espresso       coffee

• Provide customer service

• SITXFSA001 Use hygienic practices for food safety (certified unit)


Students who successfully complete will be well suited to local hospitality venues such as café’s and take away venues who do not serve alcohol.

During the program students learn and practice skills on day one, day two they actually serve fellow students and staff morning tea.

It very hands on and based on practical application in the industry.

Max: 5 students

Start Your Engines

• Pre-start checks

• How to:

• Perform a service

• Change a tyre / Tyre rotation

• Brake checks

• Change a battery

• Strip down and re-assemble a motor


Students will get a realistic snapshot of the industry and what is involved in the day to day tasks expected by a mechanic apprentice.

Day one the students learn how to do safety checks and perform a basic service on a car.

Day two, they strip down a motor and put it back together and actually start it.

Max: 5 students

Introduction to Civil Construction

• Operate small plant and equipment

• Use hand and power tools

• Plan and organise work


Students who successfully complete would be work ready and an attractive applicant to Civil Construction/ Earth moving businesses and councils.

During the program students will build a bird box as an induvial project on day one, day two they will create a project for the school. E.g. sand pit, table, planter box, bench.

Max: 10 students