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"Sticking our knowledge into your business"

RTO # 45345

MSS30316 - Certificate III in Competitive Systems and Practices

Competitive Systems and Practices training establishes Lean Manufacturing principles to a range of industries including financial services, healthcare, warehousing, distribution as well as manufacturing. In fact, this qualification is relevant to any business at all and be can contextualized to suit your specific needs and give you the competitive edge. The Competitive Systems and Practices program has been developed to better cater for a broader range of industries, while supporting key functions like operations, administration, sales, logistics and technical departments.

What’s in this program for management?

All strategies rely on successful execution to succeed. Management’s best efforts and plans require effective implementation by a motivated and informed team. This program gives management the vital resource of a skilled team focused on producing results that are aligned with your Business Strategies and Objectives. What’s in this program for staff? Everyone wants to perform at their best and be recognised for it. This program will develop trainees’ capabilities to perform their tasks more efficiently. Trainees will gain maximum job satisfaction by seeing and understanding how their role fits into the overall process. Successful trainees gain a qualification for Certificate III or Certificate IV in Competitive Systems and Practices.

Participants in Competitive Systems and Practices training are required to complete 10 units for Certificate III.

Cost: $5480.00 full paying client

Part qualification funding may be available on application

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